Restaurant Operators: Can you?

Update and make changes to your online menus in seconds without the intervention of the website developer that built the website?

Let Us Show You How 


Developers: Can you?

Add a restaurant menu to a website with 2 lines of code?

Let Us Show You How 

Developers: Add two lines of code to any restaurant template or web page, maybe some CSS, a wee-bit of customer training and your work is done. The JSON-LD file is dynamically built, always up to date and takes care of the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) stuff automatically. Works on all screen sizes.  

Restaurant Managers: Menu updates in seconds. No delays. Reduce initial setup time and ongoing maintenance cost

Examples of SetUp.Menu Integrated With Popular Bootstrap Templates


Click here to see SetUp.Menu default layout using the template "Grilling Template" from

Applying Setup.Menu to this template the styling that followed perfectly and no additional customization was required beyond inserting the 3 basic Setup.Menu tags.

Click here to see SetUp.Menu default layout using the template "Delicious" from

This template required the placement of different menu sections in different containers. Which required placement of the <span> tag in three different locations. The CSS styling on the menu items needed to be slightly modified which is easily accomplished by adding options to the <span> tag.

How It Works

1) The restaurant menu is positioned on the page with a simple span tag. eg. (<span id="Breakfast"></span>)

2) At the bottom of the page add a javascript tag specific to your restaurant.

3) Maybe some CSS styling and you're done.

4) A single tag dynamically generates the JSON-LD so your sites menu gets indexed according to the specification

When the restaurant needs to change something, they login to a friendly user interface and changes are done in a matter of minutes if not seconds.


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